Kentucky Soldiers and Their Regiments in the Civil War (compiled by Steven L. Wright)

One of the best things about resources available on the American Civil War is that many are published, written or compiled by amateur historians who have developed a niche that few if any professional types would go in the direction of. Kentucky Soldiers and Their Regiments in the Civil War (compiled by Steven L. Wright) is just such a contribution.  Wright’s important work is doubtless a labor of love and Kentucky Soldiers fills a gap that will serve researchers on Kentucky Civil War soldiers unlike any other resource available presently.

Wright, a resident of Hodgenville, Kentucky, has a personal interest in a couple Kentucky regiments himself. To aid his own research he bought a microfilm reader years ago and started acquiring microfilm of various period newspapers like the Chattanooga Daily Gazette, the Louisville Daily Courier, the Nashville Daily Union among others. The compiler has been painstakingly combing thru these newspapers an indexing them for references to Kentucky units.  Thankfully, because many Kentucky served with units from other states (e.g., Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, etc.), the resource goes beyond its title of Kentucky Soldiers and Their Regiments in the Civil War.

Not only does each volume – there are five in all – have an index, but each volume is organized chronologically by individual names, locations, and military organizations.  One only need browse through any volume, locate a date, then read through some brief citations of actual newspaper copy pertaining to Kentucky units. Wright documents the resource he pulls from for each citation.

There are five volumes (paperback) in this set:

  • Volume I, 1861 (182 pages)  $25.00
  • Volume II, 1862 (260 pages)  $29.00
  • Volume III, 1863 (313 pages)  $35.00
  • Volume IV, 1864 (383 pages)  $42.00
  • Volume V, 1865 (295 pages)  $33.00

The complete set is $140.00

This resource is invaluable to Kentucky Civil War researchers (both Union and Confederate, including Home Guards and other State troops), and researchers interested in units and places in Tennessee and Indiana will also be ably served by Wright’s work.

To order the set send a check for $140.00 (includes shipping and tax) to:

Steven L. Wright, 105 Livingood Lane, Hodgenville, KY 42748

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