Univ Tenn Press announces a new series

The Western Theater in the Civil War
Gary D. Joiner, Series Editor

The 2010 Spring catalog states this about the new series:

The series seeks to capitalize on an emerging trend in the historiography of the nation’s greatest conflict: a more general determination that events in the West, far from being a sideshow to those in the East, were as critical, or even more decisive, to the final outcome of the war. The primary goal of the series is to publish cutting-edge scholarship on the Civil War and during Reconstruction. The series may include monographs, biographies or autobiographies, and edited volumes. Prospective candidates will draw on previously untapped sources, introduce creative perspectives and methodologies, and contribute to the ongoing debate about the place of the Western Theater in understanding the Civil War.

Dr. Joiner is Assistant Professor of History with Louisiana State University Shreveport.  Their web site says this about him:

Gary D. Joiner earned his Bachelor of Arts with a double major in history and geography (1973) and Master of Arts in history (1975) degrees from Louisiana Tech University. He is completing doctoral studies at Lancaster University in England. He also has conducted postgraduate work in classical, military and regional archaeology. He is a professional cartographer specializing in geographic information systems. He taught Louisiana history and western civilization at Bossier Parish Community College (1991-1995) and served as adjunct instructor at LSU in Shreveport (1995-1997), teaching Louisiana History. He has been a full-time instructor in the Department of History and Social Sciences since 1997. He is the director of the Red River Regional Studies Center on the LSU-S campus. Mr. Joiner teaches Louisiana history, Civil War and Reconstruction, modern Middle East, ancient Greek history, Louisiana geography, remote sensing, and independent studies in history and geography.

Mr. Joiner’s research interests include the exploration, study, and preservation of Civil War battlefields, nineteenth century steamboats, Civil War map interpretation, regional history and the preservation of historic sites. He is the chief consulting cartographer for the Civil War Preservation Trust. His recent research projects include the mapping of the Vicksburg National Military Park for the National Park Service; mapping the battlefields of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Monett’s Ferry, Mansura, and Yellow Bayou in Louisiana for the Civil War Preservation Trust; mapping the battlefields of Poison Springs, Jenkin’s Ferry, Elkin’s Ferry, and Prairie d’Ane in Arkansas for the Civil War Preservation Trust; and mapping the Petersburg Campaign in Virginia for the Civil War Preservation. He has also conducted historical surveys for the National Park Service, The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Louisiana Division of Archaeology, and the City of Shreveport, among others.

Mr. Joiner’s publications include: “The Union Naval Expedition on the Red River Campaign” in Civil War Regiments, Vol. IV, No. 2, 1994 (co-author), “Photographs and Drawings” The American Civil War: Handbook of Literature and Research, Greenwood Press, 1996, Red River Steamboats, Arcadia Publishing, 1999 (co-author), Shreveport-Bossier History, Historical Publishing, 2000 (co-author), One Damn Blunder from Beginning to End: The Red River Campaign in 1864, Scholarly Resources (February 2003), and The Red River Campaign: Studies in Union and Confederate Leadership in Louisiana, Parabellum Press, 2002 (editor). He is the editor of the forthcoming (2003) The Vicksburg Campaign Studies in Union and Confederate Leadership, Parabellum Press.

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