Civil War Museum Treasures: Outstanding artifacts and the stories behind them

Civil War Museum Treasures: Outstanding artifacts and the stories behind them. By Kenneth D. Alford. 2008

McFarland. (800-253-2187)

Reviewed by Kraig McNutt.

This books gets three and a half carbines.
This booked is packed with 232 pages of text and 177 photos (all black-n-white).  It has a brief bibliography and a modest index.  The author highlights Civil War artifacts from over 21 States and the District of Columbia.

Many of the objects selected for the book are quite unusual. The book’s value lies in the selection of the items and even some of the places the items were chosen from. What are the chances of one stopping at the Simpson County Jail in Franklin, Kentucky to see drawing of Union officers on the Simpson County jail walls? Or even seeing the bullet-shattered stump of a former oak tree that is riddled with bullets from the action outside Spotsylvania Court House?

I’m stumped about one thing though.  The author cites the location of Stone’s River National Battlefield as Nashville twice.  It’s in Murfreesboro of course.

There are ample inclusions of flags, almost all Confederate, and the lack of color renders the black-n-white photos a little borish for the subject matter.

This is a fun book and gives the reader plenty of fun to wade through the myriad of stories behind the objects.

About the Author
Kenneth D. Alford has written on the treasures and spoils of World War II. He has served as a historical consultant fro television productions involving looted Nazi treasures and for cases involving reparations for World War II looting. Retired from a career in banking, he lives in Richmond, Virginia.

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