Tracing Natchez

Tracing Natchez: It’s timeless, it’s storied, and a river runs through it. ‘ By Joe Glickman. America’s Civil War, July 2010: pp. 60-65.

Review written by Kraig McNutt

Auburn was built in 1812 by Lyman Harding

This is a short article and photo-rich but it contained some little-known facts about Nathchez, and a couple I did not know at all.

  1. The U.S. Cairo museum – in Vicksburg – is about 90 minutes north of Natchez.
  2. There was no fighting in Natchez during the Civil War but there were two war related deaths.
  3. By 1861, there were 500 millionaires in Natchez.
  4. This small city today (18,000) has more antebellum homes than any other city in the U.S.

For more info:

a. Vicksburg National Military Park

b. Visit Natchez

c. The modern antebellum South of Natchez

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